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Introduction to Derivio

On-chain structured derivatives ecosystem
Derivio is a structured derivatives ecosystem offering synthetic derivatives that granularize risk-adjusted rewards for traders with smart leverage, while providing cryptocurrency operators with sufficiently deep liquidity pools for effective hedging.
Derivio's Vision: Effective marketability of operational risks in crypto We seek to build an ecosystem of on-chain derivatives for all levels of expertise. Speculators can gain access to a variety of derivatives and options, such as perpetual futures, options, interest rate derivatives, and stablecoins - which are first-order structured derivatives. These will be the foundation of higher-order structured derivatives. Speculators can create leveraged and structured price exposure with a reliable decentralized infrastructure - not just for independent or aggregate token price, but also for APY, volatility, etc.
Operators are willing to pay material fees to maintain the net expected value of their positions so their operations have reliable cost projections. We believe apart from traders continuously losing expected future value, this is another source of organic real yield. We also strongly believe that DeFi needs to provide value to any operators in crypto seeking to protect their positions against volatility in the market. There is no DeFi without crypto, and so the manifest destiny of DeFi is to create efficiency for operators, so there is reliable marketability of operational risks for web3 projects.
To achieve our vision, we identified 5 tenets in the building of Derivio:
  • Productive & sustainable yield sources via organic market behavior
  • Algorithmic risk protection for liquidity providers
  • Fully decentralized architecture & non-custodian trading/asset management
  • Innovative & composable with high capital efficiency & wide market offerings
  • Community owned & driven
We are building Derivio as a forward-thinking derivatives ecosystem, building for where DeFi and its users are headed - not where the space currently is. This means a UX prioritizing simplicity and a range of products wide enough for retail and institutional participants of varying needs and all experience levels with DeFi.
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